Welcome here. This is a little site about me and some of the stuff I’m into. And check out my blog.

Stuff I do

I started a company, through which I am commercializing my invention, the RazerLift (www.RazerLift.ca). If you’ve ever wanted to transport your personal belongings (bicycles, ladders, kayaks, etc) but dread having to lift that heavy stuff up to the roof of your vehicle, then the RazerLift might be of interest to you.

I have authored a few books:

  1. My first, Arguing with Friends (http://www.arguingwithfriends.ca) is about engaging in the most serious conversations in life as a means to deepen friendships, not jeopardize them.
  2. For the Love of Alberta (http://www.fortheloveofalberta.ca) is a very brief, but hopefully well reasoned and researched, explanation of why it is that right-leaning fiscal and social policy is actually best for civilization. It was written in the wake of the New Democratic Party provincial election victory in 2015.
  3. My most recent book, Suffering: the heart of the matter explores themes of suffering, God and the meaning of life as I reflected on those matters when my wife was in the hospital recovering from a cardiac arrest. She nearly didn’t make it, so I had lots of time to think about those things, as well as – shall we say – a pressing interest in the subject. The book is a collection of blog posts I wrote as well as a short story and all the Facebook updates I posted from the day she arrived at the hospital via ambulance to the day she walked out under her own power.
  4. I’m working on a book tentatively titled, “Marriage and sex: it’s not about me.” The subtitle (because I love being provocative) is, “why social conservatives are right, and the cost of being wrong.”
  5. Another forthcoming book about success is in the works. Is success really about getting as much money as you can? Or, does real success look like shunning money and possessions; simply living off the land? Gaining power, or shunning it? Transforming the world or sustaining it exactly as it is? If these extremes don’t seem quite right, stay tuned. While my other writing projects have been somewhat shorter (For the Love of Alberta can be read in a couple of hours!) this is going to be a significantly longer read.

I enjoy great conversation about life’s really important issues. But if you go that route you should probably read a little more about me before sparking up a conversation.

I am a husband and father of two. We live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I have a motorbike and a BB gun, though I’d like to eventually get a real rifle. I intend to buy a small airplane some time soon.

I’m tall. I like totally natural peanut butter, without all the additives.

That’s enough for now, methinks.


Can I ask a small favour? No, not money. Please share this article with others.

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