So here are a few things you should probably know about me. A lot of people use platforms like this as a means of self-glorification so I thought I’d start with probably the single greatest shortcoming I have in life. After the first one, the rest of these points are more or less just informative.

  1. I’m not much of a people person. This makes relationships difficult, just ask my wife! I have a tough time reading social cues and small talk is pretty much my biggest nemesis. I hurt people’s feelings a lot, but never intentionally. In fact I go out of my way (probably more than most people) to avoid doing this, but it’s just impossible for me not to step on other people’s toes. I have lost several good friends over the years. I am working on this, and making progress, but you may need to be patient with me at times. [See also this link for another take on this issue.]
  2. I don’t think in terms of the here and now, but in terms of the everywhere and always. I think in terms of abstract principles rather than immediate realities, though I am driven to eventually move from general to specific. I am not interested in what is trendy, popular, or temporal; the zeitgeist. I am not impressed with opinions, preferences and speculation (even my own). I am focused on what is universal, objective, true; ideas that correspond with the unchanging aspects of reality.
  3. Related to the above point, I am a strategic thinker. I prefer to wrestle through the question of where we should go on vacation and roughly how long as should go, in order to see everything we want to see, but I’m not a fan of booking hotels, flights and packing bags. Luckily my wife loves that stuff. I’m actually trying to spread my wings as a strategist for businesses and charities. If this would be of interest to you, drop me a line.
  4. Nothing is sacred. I question everything. You may not like watching movies with me. Consider carefully whether you want to talk about religion with me. I don’t bite, but many people really don’t like being questioned (see point 1) and I cannot help but question. But don’t worry, I am equal opportunist; I question myself just as much as I question others (maybe more).
  5. I have two sacred questions, what and why? For instance, “What do you believe?” and “Why do you believe it?” If you do not have answers to these questions, you should think about them. If you try to persuade me of anything (religion, politics, ethics, etc) please bear in mind that these two questions will be at the forefront of our discussion and I will not be persuaded unless the latter question has a plausible answer. [For more on this, see my book Arguing with Friends.]
  6. I have to “do” something. I find it very difficult to just sit around, except for moments of relaxation to regain my energy and dive back into life. Small talk drains me very quickly (see point 1), but discussions about major life issues energize me. I need to solve a problem, build something, destroy something, move toward a goal (even just doing dishes or mowing the lawn), wrestle through some important issue or contemplate some universal truth. I cannot fathom those who are content to discuss the weather, sports, food, travel and nothing of substance.
  7. I’m tall; roughly 6′ 5″.

As I think of other important things you should know about me I will put them here. These should give you a rough sense of who I am.

My particular personality makes me really good at some things and not-so-great at other things. As I said, relationships are not a strength. I’m working on that. But there are many other things in life that I am really skilled at. However, because I have a difficult time describing myself in glowing terms (it’s a Canadian thing) I leave the discovery of my strengths to your investigation. If you really want to discuss this with me, personally, drop me a line.

One last point, I have chosen not to engage in online discussions on issues of significance. If you want to have a cyber-debate on some issue you’ll have to find somebody else to do that with. I will not get into discussions in comment boxes, for instance (see here for more info). If you want to discuss these issues with me in person then let’s find a time to do so.


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I don't really get involved in discussions through online comments. If you want to talk to me let's chat face to face.

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