Updates about suffering: the book

Better Books and Bibles will soon be carrying my book. The manager thoroughly enjoyed it, and will be writing an endorsement shortly.

Also, City Light News has accepted a brief article I wrote on the subject of suffering, so keep an eye out for that in future editions.


Updates about my book on suffering

I’m a little slow on the draw, but I finally created a Facebook page for the book. If you’re on FB, please like the page and help let others know about it.

I’ve discovered that the book has made its way to both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca for those who like to shop there. Of course, it’s always available directly through Createspace which, as far as I know, is a pretty straightforward means of purchasing the book. And I’m starting to accumulate a few copies myself for those who would prefer to buy direct from the author. No shipping charges, and you don’t have to wait for delivery!

I’ve had a chance to do a test run of a talk on suffering I hope I can share with many other people. Though there is room for improvement, I think it went well. If you know of a church, Bible study group or other audience who would benefit from a talk on this subject, please let them know about this book, and my availability to speak on the subject.

Much appreciated. And if others can make some sense of suffering in this world I’m sure they’ll appreciate it too!

Assisted suicide and the gift of being a burden

In all the discussions about assisted suicide that I’ve seen, one of the common refrains from those who want to keep that option open for themselves has been that they “don’t want to be a burden on others.” Often their concern is not even their own physical suffering as their bodies fail, but merely that their circumstances might make life a little more difficult for others.

Let me begin with a humorous little story about my wife.

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