Social Conservatives in politics – a new wind blows

What do bathroom bills in the states, Jordan Peterson, Jason Kenney and Brad Trost all have in common? They embrace, or are at least open to, socially conservative views. And they are expressing those views. Publicly.

And they are being slammed for it by liberals, the media and social media. And they don’t care. And they won’t back down.


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Contrary perspectives welcome

I’m not a fan of the facepalm-inducing “The Rebel” website, nor do I particularly like the fact that they seem to be the most vocal voice of Conservativism in Alberta, but the NDP decision to ban them from public events was clearly an ill-conceived idea. Like it or not, we need to subject ourselves to the views of those we disagree with.

But there seems to be a strong undercurrent in our society of rejecting divergent perspectives. And it comes from some surprising sources.

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