Minimum wage and the Food Bank – by the numbers

Notley recently defended the NDP minimum wage hike by saying it would not hurt the economy. Western Feedlots would beg to differ, but that’s another story.

What I’m interested in was a small anecdote from the end of Notley’s comments. Her concern is hard-working Albertans who “had to stop at the food bank on the way home because they could not possibly feed their families based on a full-time salary that we pay here in Alberta.”

Let’s look at some numbers.

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Canada’s oil sands – some perspective

Wired magazine published a photo-journalistic article about the enormity of Alberta’s “tar” sands. The photos were described as “disturbing.”

On the face of it the photos do give the impression that the oil sands are unfathomably massive, but perspective is always critical. And in this case, perspective paints a somewhat different picture of the magnitude.

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Our evolving “problem solving skills”

Is it better to get react to even the smallest offenses, or to limit your anger to those truly grievous matters? Is it better to address the issue yourself, or to outsource the problem to somebody else to deal with it for you?

Depending on how you answer these questions you may fit into either the “Honour” culture, the “Dignity” culture, or the “Victim” culture.

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