Satan / God – ngram

It is the greatest challenge of all time; God versus Satan. In the literature, who wins? Google’s ngram tells all.

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Theology of healing

So I recently published a book about suffering. In it I outline what I believe are reasons why God allows suffering (including physical illness). I argue that suffering is actually an essential feature of our world because it is necessary to accomplish God’s purposes for us.

This idea probably has a few people scratching their heads; isn’t God’s number one priority supposed to be for our personal happiness and well being? Isn’t it God’s will to heal absolutely every single sickness and physical ailment among us?

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Government as arbiter of religious truth

One other aspect of the NDP guidelines on transgender students that has really had me scratching my head is the de facto power to determine religious truth that is implicit in the guidelines. The major world religions all affirm the distinct human categories of “male” and “female” so if the guidelines attempt to blur and/or eliminate those boundaries, then the guidelines implicitly declare that any contrary religious convictions are false.

How are we to understand such metaphysical confidence on the part of the NDP?

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