The Hospital: A photo essay

Every time we hang around the hospital I’m always struck by some interesting / odd / humorous sights.


I’ve heard of “Barbaric” practices, so I’m pretty sure I don’t want to visit this clinic.


This place, on the other hand, would have been very welcome on numerous occasions.


I’m sensing some mixed messages.


And in this case I just have no idea what the message is; mixed or otherwise. Something about the weather?


This message – and the reason for it – seemed pretty clear. But somebody has trouble reading. When the hospital staff won’t even obey clearly posted instructions are the rest of us expected to?


Don’t ask what device I used to take this picture…


Somehow I don’t think this would fly at home. Can you imagine a yellow sticky note that read, “These dishes are dirty and need to be washed”? I imagine that might be followed by another sticky note that read, “Your bed has been relocated to the doghouse.”


The engineer in my found this interesting. You have to zoom in to read the small print, but essentially it’s a marker that has been installed on the building to allow measurement of the settling of the building over time. I’ve seen them in various seemingly random locations.


Everywhere else in the hospital you just have to hold your breath.


I imagine most people would like to just ignore the fine print.


Is this hospital G rated or what? My word!


I should sick my editor on these folks! Spelling, people… spelling.


I’m afraid to open the lid.

And I’m having a very hard time imagining how compliance with that sign is even possible.

Cool, I’m not the only grammar Nazi in the hospital.


Honey, I think we found the right hospital…


Apparently somebody found a really sweet deal on those bubble mirrors. Now if we could just find a place to install all of them…


More mixed messages…


Not sure they needed a sign for that, but I guess “common sense” isn’t as common as we might like.


More issues with reading the signs.


I searched long and hard in Denise’s room to find the phone. Not only has it been disconnected, I fear it may have been stolen. I promise; it wasn’t me!


Considering doctors and nurses would have invested heavily in education, I found this one more than a little disconcerting.


Be honest, now; you want to know what’s behind this door just as much as I do.

More pictures coming as I see things that make me turn my head.