Interesting Stuff – 2017-04-03

Ok, so the start of the year was very slow for blogging. I’m always looking for the right balance; bear with me.

Here’s some stuff I found interesting recently.

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The 1960’s and our relationship with Jesus – ngram

Last week I looked at how our religious language changed, rather abruptly, in the 1960’s. It was only then that we began talking about “experiencing God.”

This week I want to explore that a little further. What other absolutely-central-to-the-Christian-Faith doctrines only showed up in the past half century, and what might have caused their sudden rise from irrelevance to core tenets of the Faith?

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Experiencing God – ngram

Last week I looked at some of the upward trends in what we tend to talk about. One of those was “experiences.” It would seem we are increasingly interested in experiencing life. I suspect that means such things as fine dining and travel, but probably also a lot more.

What I found interesting is how that concept also showed up, fairly recently and very strongly, in the Church.

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Theology of healing

So I recently published a book about suffering. In it I outline what I believe are reasons why God allows suffering (including physical illness). I argue that suffering is actually an essential feature of our world because it is necessary to accomplish God’s purposes for us.

This idea probably has a few people scratching their heads; isn’t God’s number one priority supposed to be for our personal happiness and well being? Isn’t it God’s will to heal absolutely every single sickness and physical ailment among us?

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