20 years – success!

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of our wedding day. Given all the recent health developments it was extremely personally gratifying to spend the day driving through the mountains and walking around in nature a bit, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Rockies.

Here are a couple of photos, followed by some obligatory philosophical musing.

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The 1960’s and our relationship with Jesus – ngram

Last week I looked at how our religious language changed, rather abruptly, in the 1960’s. It was only then that we began talking about “experiencing God.”

This week I want to explore that a little further. What other absolutely-central-to-the-Christian-Faith doctrines only showed up in the past half century, and what might have caused their sudden rise from irrelevance to core tenets of the Faith?

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Experiencing God – ngram

Last week I looked at some of the upward trends in what we tend to talk about. One of those was “experiences.” It would seem we are increasingly interested in experiencing life. I suspect that means such things as fine dining and travel, but probably also a lot more.

What I found interesting is how that concept also showed up, fairly recently and very strongly, in the Church.

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