Judicial turbulence ahead

In a previous article I blogged about the loss of religious freedom in Canada, but how that loss (though far more becoming of, say, North Korea than an allegedly “free” nation) was the lesser concern. The greater concern was the lack of judicial stability. Judges change their minds – and legal precedent – on a whim.

Well, it appears to have happened again.

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20 years – success!

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of our wedding day. Given all the recent health developments it was extremely personally gratifying to spend the day driving through the mountains and walking around in nature a bit, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Rockies.

Here are a couple of photos, followed by some obligatory philosophical musing.

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Denise is blogging now

It’s always felt a little strange that it is my wife who has the health challenges but I’m the one doing the writing and public speaking. I guess it sort of made sense given that Engineers are renown for their mastery of linguistic arts; this aptitude being confirmed by the subtle eloquence and literary beauty of every Engineering textbook. Move over, Shakespeare.

Despite the fact that my Engineering background naturally gives me a literary upper hand, I’m happy to share that Denise has begun doing some of her own blogging now. And she even has her first public speaking gig lined up. Here’s a link to her most recent article on sadness. In the article she mentions having received a shock last week. I have a few thoughts on that, which you can read upon your return from visiting her new website.

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Why Christians get sick, suffer, and die

Most humans, regardless of their worldview, seem rather bothered by the fact that “good people” suffer. Christianity takes this a step further because God – being a loving father – is supposed to protect those who submit themselves to him. And yet good people suffer. Christians get sick and die; even before their time.

There have been many profound explorations of this subject, to which I add a few (not entirely original) thoughts.

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