Judicial turbulence ahead

In a previous article I blogged about the loss of religious freedom in Canada, but how that loss (though far more becoming of, say, North Korea than an allegedly “free” nation) was the lesser concern. The greater concern was the lack of judicial stability. Judges change their minds – and legal precedent – on a whim.

Well, it appears to have happened again.

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The Supreme Court of Canada strikes (out) again

Two legal decisions were made at two supreme courts in two separate countries in recent weeks that will surely go down in legal history for a number of reasons, not least of which is the stunning parallels and differences between them. Both of the cases involved a dispute between the LGBTQ+ community and a privately owned religious business. Both of the cases resulted in a 7-2 decision.

And yet both of the cases resulted in completely divergent conclusions. In America freedom of conscience prevailed, and in Canada freedom of conscience was sacrificed.

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Social Conservatives in politics – a new wind blows

What do bathroom bills in the states, Jordan Peterson, Jason Kenney and Brad Trost all have in common? They embrace, or are at least open to, socially conservative views. And they are expressing those views. Publicly.

And they are being slammed for it by liberals, the media and social media. And they don’t care. And they won’t back down.


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porn, media, and doing your own homework

The National Post published an opinion piece about Parliament’s decision to investigate the impact of violent porn on children, women and men. The opinion piece was highly critical of this decision as utterly pointless based on the “evidence” of science.

The author appears to have assumed that readers would not engage in one very simple act that would cast serious doubt on her entire perspective. The simple act of clicking on the links she provided.

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