Interesting stuff – 2017-10-24

Some interesting stuff for your reading pleasure…

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Social Conservatives in politics – a new wind blows

What do bathroom bills in the states, Jordan Peterson, Jason Kenney and Brad Trost all have in common? They embrace, or are at least open to, socially conservative views. And they are expressing those views. Publicly.

And they are being slammed for it by liberals, the media and social media. And they don’t care. And they won’t back down.


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NDP, carbon tax, and more facepalming

On my honour I assure you I am keeping an eye out for those times when the NDP in Alberta will (we hope) make some excellent decisions and handle situations extremely well. I’ve seen a couple of relatively minor “good job” moments, but they are consistently drowned in a sea of “you’ve got to be kidding.”

The latest facepalm moment is just an extension of the ongoing carbon tax fiasco.

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