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Mistrust of government – some practical considerations

As a “conservative” (leaning libertarian…) I tend to have something of a mistrust of government. My mistrust comes in two forms; one principled and the other practical. The principled mistrust is a subject for another day; today I want to reflect on the practical mistrust.

Despite its best intentions, government so frequently ends up being more harmful than beneficial.

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The fine art of emotional manipulation

[Updated, see end]

So the Canadian Conservatives no longer support procreative marriage. A vote at their convention in Vancouver overturned their support of heterosexual marriage. In one sense this really shouldn’t surprise anybody – the writing was always on the wall – but it does demonstrate that the Conservatives have actively and deliberately abandoned their place as Canada’s reality-based political party.

Let’s dissect the explicit emotional manipulation that underwrites the success of the campaign to overturn the Conservative’s acknowledgment of the importance of the procreative element of marriage.

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Discrimination, reconsidered

A lot of hands are wringing these days over alleged discrimination, especially (but not exclusively) against the queer community. Not only here in Alberta, but also in North Carolina and elsewhere too.

But have we really considered what we mean by “discrimination” and, more importantly, when is it really a problem? For starters, let’s clear the air on one important fact; we all discriminate. All the time.

And we need to.

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Am I anti-gay?

Earlier I wrote about the fact that I am pro-nature, even though I do not buy into the whole “Carbon = bad” theory. I’ve written a fair bit on the queer community recently, in light of the politics in Alberta at this time, so one should naturally ask if I am anti-gay.

And this question is all the more pressing because there are, in fact, some individuals and groups out there that are explicitly anti-gay. And I certainly don’t want to be lumped in with them.

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