Interesting stuff 2017-10-03

Man alive, am I behind in blogging. With so much going on with Denise (by the way, she was officially discharged yesterday) and with the RazerLift, it has been nearly impossible to find the time. But, here goes with some interesting stuff…

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Queers, language and the nature of reality

Suppose I started telling you a story involving Hobbits and wizards, and something about a ring. Immediately you would recognize that I am describing “Middle Earth” as Tolkien called it.

But you would never confuse Middle Earth for our world.

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Mistrust of government – some practical considerations

As a “conservative” (leaning libertarian…) I tend to have something of a mistrust of government. My mistrust comes in two forms; one principled and the other practical. The principled mistrust is a subject for another day; today I want to reflect on the practical mistrust.

Despite its best intentions, government so frequently ends up being more harmful than beneficial.

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