20 years – success!

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of our wedding day. Given all the recent health developments it was extremely personally gratifying to spend the day driving through the mountains and walking around in nature a bit, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Rockies.

Here are a couple of photos, followed by some obligatory philosophical musing.

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Interesting stuff – 2018-06-07

For recent subscribers to this blog, it isn’t normally “all Denise, all the time” as it has been lately. I primarily write about other stuff that strikes my fancy. With Denise’s significant improvements of late, the updates should be less frequent, but I’ll continue to cover the highlights.

But for now, here are a few things that seemed interesting to me in the past while (unrelated to Denise)…

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Mistrust of government – some practical considerations

As a “conservative” (leaning libertarian…) I tend to have something of a mistrust of government. My mistrust comes in two forms; one principled and the other practical. The principled mistrust is a subject for another day; today I want to reflect on the practical mistrust.

Despite its best intentions, government so frequently ends up being more harmful than beneficial.

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