Work and family

It hit the news recently that Elon Musk’s 120 hour weeks were wearing down on him. Gee, you don’t say. What the article barely touched on – and only in passing – was the impact that his tenacious focus on his career might be having on his family.

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Interesting stuff 2018-08-27

Well clearly this has been a full summer for me, as my blogging has completely fallen by the wayside. I have reason to believe that this Fall I will be able to chip out small chunks of time to get this habit back up and running. I hope so; it’s one of my tools for maintaining sanity.

So here’s some interesting stuff I came across, starting with some Mormon missionaries beating the living tar out of a mugger!

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Interesting stuff – 2018-06-07

For recent subscribers to this blog, it isn’t normally “all Denise, all the time” as it has been lately. I primarily write about other stuff that strikes my fancy. With Denise’s significant improvements of late, the updates should be less frequent, but I’ll continue to cover the highlights.

But for now, here are a few things that seemed interesting to me in the past while (unrelated to Denise)…

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