Our interesting story, via podcast

We’ve been told that we have an interesting story. I suppose patenting a new invention, starting a business around a manufactured good, facing a heart transplant (my wife, not me) and dealing with a litigation, all during the worst economic recession of recent memory, is a bit of an unusual combination. I’m using my new podcast to share our story and some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Here’s the link to part 1 of 5:

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Some thoughts on income inequality

Twice in the past couple of days I’ve come across some digital resource bemoaning income inequality across the human race. In one case, 1% of the human race “controls” 50% of the wealth.

I keep trying to understand why, exactly, this is a problem.

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Of pipelines, oil, and cigarettes

In World War Two, Japanese admiral Yamamoto is reported to have opined, regarding the success of their attack on Pearl Harbour, that, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”. One gets the sense that perhaps a handful of eco-warriors may be thinking something along these lines given the rumblings that have been taking place in Alberta recently. There appears to have been an outcry of “that’s enough!” from the Alberta public regarding the steady harassment our energy sector has received, first from abroad (think Leonardo DiCaprio) and now from within our national borders as well (think BC, Quebec).

However, no amount of pro-pipeline momentum is going to change the course of our collective conversation until one specific elephant in the room is finally vanquished.

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More thoughts on masculinity

I don’t tend to get a whole lot of feedback from my readers regarding what I write, but my recent article on masculinity – The Man Problem – opened up conversations with a number of folks. Good, deep, conversations. I guess I hit a nerve.

One of those conversations led me to start reading (and even subscribe to) a very fascinating newsletter on the subject of masculinity.

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Christmas, and its place in history

It seems the be the perennial hobby of the intellectual elites to mythicize any supernatural elements of religious narratives. This hobby kicks into high gear around Christmas and Easter in particular. However, cross-referencing the Gospel accounts of history against other, independent, sources of history from that same time period often reveals coincidences that are difficult to explain away; coincidences that, at times, provide a deeper picture of (and sometimes corroborate) the events described in the Gospels.

I discovered one such fascinating overlap as I was reading about Herod the Great, the king who was threatened by the announcement that a new “King of the Jews” had been born in Bethlehem.

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