Bikes and fossil fuels

I took another stab at podcasting; reporting some research and reflecting on the idea that people who bike everywhere are somehow “not using fossil fuels”. Well, it turns out, they are still pretty reliant on fossil fuels and petroleum. Listen at this link.


The gender unemployment gap

Much hand-wringing has taken place in response to the “income gap” between males and females; allegedly men earn more than women for the same work. What I find interesting is that not nearly so much hand-wringing takes place with respect to the unemployment gap, which favours women over men.

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Alberta Unemployment / Notley Effect – Part 3

It has been suggested that my claims are hateful and false. Someone else challenged my interpretation of the data, and suggested I was being silly and desperate. I’m not much swayed by accusations that I’m hateful, silly and desperate, but to claim that I’m being deceptive, or incorrectly interpreting data… let’s just say that gets my attention.

The suggestion was made that Alberta’s unemployment is pretty much directly correlated to the price of oil (WTI) and any “additional” explanations are unnecessary. In short, there is no “Notley Effect” and I simply misread the data.

I hope you are ready for another chart…

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One drawback of imposed gender parity

I was listening to an interview with Jordan Peterson once (I cannot find it right now…) and he made a claim that I found myself scratching my head about. Essentially, if gender parity is imposed on a population (e.g., parliamentary cabinet, business board room, etc) then, necessarily, the calibre of that population will drop. He claimed it was simple math, and it was unavoidable.

I don’t agree with everything Peterson says, but I have to acknowledge that he’s no idiot. So I mulled it. After a while, I came to understand why he is almost certainly right. Brace yourself for some math…

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Exponentially expanding errors in email

In recent correspondence (by email, no less) I reiterated my general policy that I don’t engage in lengthy discussions by email or any other form of digital communication (Twitter, discussion forums, etc). As I reflected on it, I realized it might be helpful for me to explore and expound on why I am so reluctant to use anything other than in-person dialogue.

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