Be Ready 2018

I mentioned this in a previous blog article, but it’s coming up so I thought I’d remind you about it. I am one of the break out speakers at this year’s Be Ready conference in Calgary. My subject is suffering, as seen through the lens of Denise’s situation. Broadly speaking, here’s what you can expect, if you attend:

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I love my kids, but… 

Last night I noticed something between the cushions of the couch. Reaching in to retrieve it, I discovered it was not alone. It had a friend. Two friends. My word; just how many treasures had my children stuffed down there over the years?

“Honey, I think we can finally open that second hand store we always dreamed of.”

Why the wealthy should keep their money

At lot has been made about the so-called “income gap” but I’ve come to believe that it is in the best interest of society to let those who are wealthy keep their money. Yes, those of us without money – or, at least not as much as the “1%” – would be wise to let the “1%” keep the money they have instead of redistributing it.

Imagine you and three friends are stranded on a desert island…

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