Interesting stuff 2017-10-03

Man alive, am I behind in blogging. With so much going on with Denise (by the way, she was officially discharged yesterday) and with the RazerLift, it has been nearly impossible to find the time. But, here goes with some interesting stuff…

Because I’m so far behind most of these will just be snippets of interesting stuff without a whole lot of commentary.

Hey, great; jobs are increasing in Alberta. Or, maybe don’t break out the champagne just yet; they all work for the government.

The claim is often made that scientists believe global warming is real. And scientists are smart, right? Scientists have carefully investigated the evidence. Therefore smart people who have carefully investigated the evidence believe in global warming.

And, obviously, you should too. Except there is some fine print in this claim…

People who disbelieve the strongest in global warming are also some of the most educated on the subject. The people who are least educated are the ones without strong views on the subject. Increasing education is not correlated to a particular view on the subject, but rather it is correlated with the strength of ones convictions on the subject.

So some lady was silly enough to defend the traditional family. Oh my; what a ruckus ensued. Her colleagues wrote an op-ed denouncing her views. However, as this author observed,

Do the authors rebut these arguments? Do they offer counterevidence? No. Apparently the thesis of Wax’s op-ed is so patently beyond the pale that it is enough for the signatories to assert: “We categorically reject Wax’s claims.” In the absence of any attempt at refutation, that is simply a case of virtue signaling.

Virtue signalling, indeed.

And more responses ensued, some in support, and others denouncing her.

That silly lady, by the way, has a pretty impressive resume.

Sometimes it becomes entirely entertaining to see how carefully environmentalists will twist themselves into pretzels to avoid concluding that some evidence of global warming might, in fact, be beneficial. This article is one such example. The title should suggest good news, “Global warming doubles growth rates of Antarctic seabed’s marine fauna – study.” Doubles the growth rate! That’s outstanding; what a cause for celebration.

Oh, but the ominous news follows shortly on the footsteps of the title,

Growth rates of some fauna doubled – including colonising moss animals and undersea worms – following a 1C increase in temperature, making them more dominant, pushing out other species and reducing overall levels of biodiversity, according to the study published on Thursday in Current Biology.

Oh, right, so that’s a bad thing. More life is only good if diversity is maintained. Gotcha. So even if there is more life, overall, that’s bad if we don’t have variety.

But wait…

At 2C, the results from different plates varied with different growth rates of different species. The researchers speculate that this may be because the higher increase in temperature had a greater shock impact.

So at 1C temperature increase diversity was diminished, but at 2C the results are… inconclusive? So maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions?

Naw; when’s the last time climate alarmists exhibited caution when making forecasts?

I predict the NDP will lose the next election to the United Conservative Party in Alberta, but that the UPC will itself get another slapping at the hand of voters only a few elections down the road. I make that prediction with a fair bit of disappointment. Why is that?

  • It would seem that some people clamouring for control of the new party aren’t bothering to exercise the sort of fiscal restraint they promise to exercise once in power.
  • They fail to realize that social conservatives will either make or break the party; so they are pandering to the social progressive agenda once again.

As I wrote previously, history shows that ignoring social conservatives never works well for any party wishing to fly the “conservative” banner.

I have watched in amazement as writers are observing that political violence these days is much less common from the right side of the spectrum as it is from the left side of the spectrum. Yet those on the left continue to claim that it is those on the right who are to be feared. The irony runs deep.

Rex Murphy observes that the greater threat to stability in our society, these days, is not from Neo-Nazis, but from those who oppose them. Not that this justifies Neo-Nazis, of course!

Some protests in Quebec were interesting,

Mayor Regis Labeaume thanked members of the right-wing group, La Meute, for collaborating with police while some counter-protesters turned violent. … The counter-protesters … received the most attention from authorities Sunday, with Quebec City police spokesman David Poitras saying they assaulted officers and caused vandalism.

[My emphasis.]

So keep fearing those who… um… ended up cowering in a garage somewhere because they were being physically threatened by those who assaulted police officers and vandalized whatever they could get their hands on.

Fear them. Fear them greatly.

I keep wondering if the NDP have any sense of history. At all.

Notley slammed Kenney for “playing politics” with the Alberta public education curriculum. Right, because the NDP wouldn’t ever do that.

Then the NDP wants to bring in a law to force social conservatives to toe the progressive party line. Right, because the NDP haven’t ever overturned laws themselves. I mean, seriously, that just never happens in government.

And the deeper irony is that those on the political left regularly accuse those on the political right of being motivated by fear…


… at the same time consistently painting those on the political right as …

… you guessed it…

a group to be feared.

Here’s a little bit of global warming news you probably missed. It was buried deep within another story about hurricane Irma. The main story was that the damage was vastly lower than predicted. Ok, fine, but there’s another fascinating nugget right near the bottom of this article,

Simulations based on the paths and powers of some that rammed the U.S. 100 or more years ago show they were far more disastrous, or would be if they arrived today when the population is much more dense and there is far more, and far more expensive, property to destroy.

One hurricane that raked the U.S. East Coast in 1893 was so furious the impact could have added up to $1 trillion. “They haven’t really happened in our modern economy,” Watson said, adding it’s only a matter of time.

Excuse me? I thought storms were getting worse because of global warming. You mean to tell me that storms from 100 years ago were worse than storms today? That doesn’t add up.

Here’s another story describing how Hurricane Maria is “the strongest storm to strike the island in more than 80 years.” Which means there the storms were at least this strong 80 years ago.

That’s not the only story along this line of thinking. Here’s a local headline to consider, “Edmonton breaks 108-year-old temperature record.” To be clear, the record was a hot temperature record. Which means the last time it got that hot on that particular day was over a century ago.

If the weather was just as bad a century ago as it is today (or worse!) then that doesn’t make sense in light of global warming claims. If temperatures and terrifying weather are increasing with time then the high temperatures and intense storms should be breaking records from last year, or perhaps last decade. But not last century.

But, hey, global warming predictions are generally infallible, right?

The government of Canada is being sued because it refused to pay for a child’s orthodontics. Which makes me think, “when my kids need braces, I should go after government funding!”

Except, of course, I don’t get to enjoy Indigenous privilege.

I bet you didn’t know that women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery (an elective surgery to modify one’s appearance) are at an increased risk of suicide. Not right away, of course; it doesn’t show up for many years.

Given that background knowledge, do you have any guesses whether transgenders who undergo sex-change operations (an elective surgery to modify one’s appearance) might be prone to suicide? If you guessed, “yes, they are” you are right. And this is part of the reason a significant number of them seek “detransition” surgery to reverse the transgender operation.

But don’t tell anybody… it’s a taboo subject! It’s our little secret. That stays here, ok.

So Boeing and Bombardier are having some kind of corporate spat. It’s always inspiring to watch grown companies behaving like children.

But here’s a little ditty from this article,

If aerospace companies had never received financial assistance of one kind or other from governments, precious few large commercial aircraft would ever have been built.

Passenger jets take years to develop and the costs run into the billions. When the first planes are ready for delivery finally, airline customers typically aren’t willing to pay what the aircraft cost to build, in part because they’re taking a risk that it might suffer technical teething troubles.

Intriguing. So the reason aerospace companies need massive subsidies is because they spend all this time and energy developing a new aircraft and then airlines don’t want to take the risk of buying the aircraft. It wouldn’t be such a risk if the passengers were asked to pay more to go flying, but good luck with that! There are too many discount airliners out there and people don’t want to pay top dollar to enjoy the benefits of air travel.

So, they get to save money because the government covers the difference. Except, um, where did the government get that money from? Well, all of us. Even those of us who don’t fly.

In our relentless drive to enjoy all the benefits of incomprehensibly complex technology that makes our lives vastly better than previous generations would have dared dream, but without actually forking over the money that is necessary, we end up paying for it anyway through taxes. Smart, really smart.

And, just because it’s cool, here’s a video showing one very small part of the process of getting an airplane to market; breaking it!!

And hopefully I will find the time to do a little more catch-up blogging in the near future.

Thanks for reading.