Interesting stuff – 2017-04-18

Here’s a bunch of stuff I found interesting recently, beginning with legalized pot.

Welcome to Canada where there is no vice so harmful that we refuse to legalize it. The latest vice is marijuana. Through legalization we will now open up the world of the mafia to the general public. That’s real inclusiveness for you!

And if we assume Canada will follow a similar pattern as other jurisdictions that have legalized marijuana, well, it’s not quite such a sunny future we have to look forward to, according to this video about Colorado’s experience.

[Gotta love the bow-tie, eh?]

According to this fellow’s research, here’s what we can look forward to:

  • Increase in marijuana use in those aged 12-17
  • More youth getting kicked out of school
  • Increased ER visits (adding even more strain on our healthcare system)
  • More children under the age of 12 having “overconsumption experiences” of marijuana and ending up in the ER
  • More traffic fatalities where the driver tested positive for marijuana.

He is a somewhat dry presenter but, as he points out, these numbers reflect real people.

This news article says that young people’s minds haven’t changed about marijuana in the wake of the legalization efforts. Their minds may not have been changed about marijuana but the research shows that young people’s brains certainly will be changed if they ever try the stuff.

And they are more likely to do so based on Colorado’s experience.

Welcome to Canada’s glorious future.

So I got to thinking, could the same (or similar) arguments for legalization marijuana be used in favour of legalizing murder?

  • Reducing the burden on the over-taxed legal system; just remove all the murder suspects from the queue.
  • Safe murder sites. One could conduct their murder in a state-sanctioned site to promote “harm reduction.”
  • By setting up safe murder sites the government could ensure quality control, reducing botched murder attempts and unpleasant things like torture and mutilation of murdered corpses.
  • By providing safe murder sites we can keep more of the murders off the street, cleaning up our cities and reducing the likelihood that children will be exposed to such unpleasantness.
  • Attempted murders that are unsuccessful represent an unnecessary burden on our healthcare system; safe murder sites would ensure effectiveness in results.
  • By legalizing murder we would move to eliminate the stigma associated with murder, creating a more inclusive society where murderers are welcomed with open arms.
  • Think of the potential revenue generation! Government operated safe murder sites would generate significant revenue, and if the act of murder were taxed (like, say, the act of prostitution) then tax revenues would be enjoyed without any associated expenses.
  • People would probably start being much nicer to each other, knowing that murder is a very real, government approved, method of handling conflict.

Sounds convincing to me…

Speaking of murder, here is one horrifying story of murder that is almost unfathomable; the murder of a baby only a few minutes old. The father of the child took a knife from the kitchen, and the child to the bathroom tub, felt his heart beat for a few moments and then stopped that beating heart.

Disgusting. Shocking. Sub-human. However, with my above proposal, the stigma associated with this couples’ actions would vanish under the new “inclusiveness.”

Of course, there would not have been any stigma if they had killed the baby while it was still in the womb. Their problem was not to much *that* they killed their baby, but *when* they killed their baby. Poor choice on their part.

I’m always amazed with the mainstream media feels the need to lean on Twitter to act as filler for their news stories. But when one person’s Tweet – done for comedic purposes, no less – IS the news story, well, media is clearly grasping for relevance.

And readership.

This politician’s message is, “boring gets the job done.” He reminds us that government was never meant to be show business. If only more politicians thought like that.

Here’s a fascinating look at the impact of homosexuality on children who’s parents “discover” they are really same-sex attracted many years into their marriages. It’s written from the perspective of a man who experiences same-sex attraction but decided his kids’ flourishing was more important than his sexual gratification.

Alberta’s education system seems to be saturated with “anti-bullying” messages. Their passion to end bullying can be seen in virtually every school because bullying is the great evil of our time.

Unless, of course, Alberta’s education minister is bullying Christians which is completely acceptable.

There has been a great deal of public discussion around parental involvement in their children’s sexuality, with respect to whether parent’s ought to know if their kids join a Gay-Straight Alliance. Kenny was raked over the coals by the NDP for his suggestion that, generally speaking (but not in all circumstances) parents ought to be made aware.

This idea was seen as laughable by the NDP; invading the child’s autonomy and privacy. I wonder if the NDP would feel the same way if the discussion were about religion instead of sexuality; should parents be notified then? Should parents be allowed to make such religious decisions for their children?

When faced with a medical death sentence it seems Canadians increasingly want a doctor to terminate their lives before life ends on its own. This lady went the other direction; relish every last moment she has on this planet.

The latter option, it seems to me, is the more honourable.

Dr. Jordan Peterson has been getting a lot of bad press lately because he has the audacity to refuse to toe the party line on the transgender issue. And the “ideologically neutral” BIG academia and BIG government have found financial ways of applying pressure to him. There goes his research funding, even though his research had nothing to do with that particular issue.

So much for freedom of inquiry and a lack of political bias. This opinion piece tears the establishment a new one over this incident.

Previously I speculated that the primary driving concern behind the environmental movement’s opposition to climate change is not the flourishing of plants (which is improving!) or animals (which is win-some-lose-some) but the property value of those living near water. This story of flooding illustrates my hypothesis. And this story about preventing water from moving around into human occupied areas further illustrates my hypothesis.

So this is a thought provoking piece. It illustrates how “ideas have consequences,” and if you follow the ideas of the sexual revolution to their logical end, some of the consequences are rather shocking. All, supposedly, in the name of sexual liberation.

An eleven-year-old has taken his life because his girlfriend posted a misguided joke on social media; she faked her own death. This raises many questions, but there are two questions that I haven’t seen asked (though I certainly haven’t followed this closely).

Why in the world is an eleven-year-old in such a serious romantic relationship that the death of his girlfriend would inspire him to take his own life? Seriously, at eleven years of age, romance should only barely be starting to show up on the radar, if at all. Shouldn’t you be playing Minecraft or Pokemon? We seem to be accelerating young people into adulthood – or, at least, the sexual aspect of adulthood – far earlier than they ought to be.

And the second question; did he get any assistance from a doctor, or did he take care of his suicide all by himself?

Another Christian movie. Oh no. That was my first thought when I heard about “Case for Christ.” But according to this review, it might actually be half decent. And I watched Risen recently which, I have to admit, was better than I thought it would be. Even though it predictably retreated into the safe domain of “happy Christian ending.”

When it comes to Christian movies I tend to be even more skeptical than any skeptic of Christianity is about the resurrection of Jesus. I hope I’m wrong…

The rise of Social Justice Warrior madness is associated with a decline in interest in history. So says this article, as well as an article that a friend previously pointed me to. It is said that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it, and SJW apparently need to do a little learning because they are doing a whole lot of repeating.

As the economy improves in Alberta plenty of Albertans are still dependent on government assistance. While this might seem like a bad thing, for the NDP this is fabulous news because it means more and more Albertans are exactly where the government wants them to be.

Dependent. Specifically, dependent on the public sector.

The last thing the NDP wants is citizens who think, act and flourish without direct government intervention and support.