Interesting stuff

Some interesting stuff I read recently…

About those problems I was telling you journalism has, others are noticing. What I found interesting about this assessment is the observation that it was political correctness that led to self-censorship and therefore a distorted view of reality.

Or, put another way, journalists feared the response of the “progressive” left-leaning crowd, but apparently didn’t fear the response of the right-leaning crowd. So who inspires the most fear?

Speaking of problems with journalism here is a clear, documented, example of journalistic misrepresentation of the opinions of experts. I guess when the experts seem to favour Trump’s ideas, well, a little “journalistic license” (not unlike artistic license in movies that are “based on a true story”) is in order.

Why people should just stay clear of social media; it leads to lousy mastery of the English language, a total lack of any sense of humor, and getting fired. All in one little article!

Legalizing marijauna is off to a great start. One can only imagine the bright future Canada can look forward to.

Oh, wait, we don’t have to imagine. Medical research has already let us know what’s ahead.

Pop quiz; imagine that you find out that some friends of your have formed a “suicide pact.” What’s the first thing you do? Would you go run to the government? Would your pleas to the government include an incredibly specific dollar amount that is necessary to save their lives?

Well, oddly enough, that’s exactly what an indigenous community did. Run to the government with a request for exactly $376,706. Not $370,000. Not even $376,705 or $376,707. That their first inclination on hearing the news was to expect the government to solve the teen suicide problem is odd enough, but that they would manage to find such an incredibly precise (and rather significant!) price tag is equally bizarre in my estimation.

No, the government did not send the money. I think the government’s new policy when people say they want to kill themselves is not to send money, but a doctor with a syringe. This is Canada, after all; assisted suicide is suddenly cool.

One of the key themes of the “woman’s march” in Washington was the ongoing idea that feminism necessarily entails support for abortion. An interesting survey, however, discovered that 100% of the women at the march were NOT aborted as unborn babies.

Many have noticed the increased divisiveness of politics. It went from civil discourse, to not-as-civil discourse, to yelling at each other.

And now, violence. I fear asking the question, but, “what next?” This is not a positive trajectory.

Public companies are now required to “comply or explain” with respect to having more women on their boards. But, oddly enough, they don’t have to “comply or explain” with respect to women engineers, for instance. Or pilots.

And in other news, public elementary schools are now required to “comply or explain” why they don’t have more men in the classrooms.

Alright, let’s call it like it is; Trump has a problem with the truth. Which, if memory serves me, makes him a lot like most other politicians.

But this is different for two reasons. First, his problem with the truth appears to be a bigger problem than most politicians. And the mainstream media seems to have taken it upon themselves to seek out and disprove absolutely every single untruth that Trump utters. One wishes they would have been so passionate about all the other guys.

Which means, oh dear Lord, that we have to listen to four years of media reports nitpicking every inconsequential utterance of the president, just in case it might have some slight hint of untruth?

On the upside, Trump is already actively securing the job prospects of the mainstream media. All he has to do is fire off some 140-character tweet, which one assumes would only take him seconds to do, and thousands of journalists instinctively scurry about to disprove whatever it is he said. Talk about job security! Yes, he is actively, objectively, securing jobs in America.

Divorce coaching leads to better outcomes for kids. Which is a not-so-subtle reminder that divorce is, generally speaking, disastrous for kids. While the idea of divorce coaching sounds great on the face of it, consider what it entails (per the article):

  • making parenting plans
  • the divorcing couple learning how to work together on the parenting
  • education, referral and support

Sounds great, except for one minor problem. If the couple were likely to be willing to do all that stuff – especially the part about working together, getting educated, and seeking support for tough times – they probably wouldn’t be getting a divorce!

There’s that Liberal transparency again…

This is just a friendly reminder that the NDP are, in fact, doing some things right. But we must bear in mind that the extent to which the NDP is a positive force in Alberta is directly proportional to the extent to which the NDP shuns its own policies and principles. In other words, the extent to which the NDP stop acting like NDP. Especially on jobs and the energy sector.

Two contrasting satirical stories that highlight an unfortunate reality in the church. On the one hand, we love to help others. Boy are we good at it! Given Denise’s health challenges over the years I can attest to this one.

On the other hand, we have no idea how to actually help others on the one issue that matters the most; their right standing before God. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I get the distinct impression that many Christians are terrified and lost when it comes to making disciples of all nations.

Should Trudeau phase out the automotive sector? Even electric vehicles that don’t burn fossil fuels when they’re driving still require vast quantities of fossil fuels to manufacture.