So, I could use your help

Some time ago I reflected on the importance of asking others for help, because if we refuse to ask other people for help then we withhold from them the opportunity to be helpful.

Sometimes we need to take our own medicine. Today, I’m asking for your help.

As with many families in Alberta, our financial situation has taken a bit of a hit thanks to the downturn. We are not in dire financial circumstances. We are not remortgaging our home or selling all our furniture on Kijiji (though we do have a tattered old white sofa if anybody wants it for free). And yet, my job situation is… shall we say… less than ideal due to cutbacks. No fault of my employer; they have been eminently reasonable throughout this downturn.

So I could use your help, and the way you might be best able to help me could also help others and it won’t necessarily cost you anything. As I’ve mentioned before, I wrote a book recently about suffering. The intent of the book is to help others understand suffering and why God allows it, and through that understanding – hopefully – they can navigate life’s stress a little more confidently. And hopefully also become better people in the process.

So the easiest way to help me out is to let other people know about the book! How simple is that? Tell others about the book through social media, email, or better yet in person. Recommend that they read it. Below is a link to the site where you can buy the book, so feel free to pass the link along to others you know.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “I’m not comfortable recommending a book I’ve never read.” That’s fair, so here’s my second suggestion; read the book! If you buy the book from the link above, or from me directly, that also helps me out. And then when you are amazed beyond belief at what an utterly life-transforming book it is (perhaps I’m exaggerating… but only slightly…) then you’ll be delighted to recommend it to others.

And there is a third way you can help, related to the first way. Not only is it helpful to recommend the book to others, but you can also let decision makers in various ministries know about the book, and let them know that I am available to present the subject matter contained in the book. I am comfortable speaking in churches on Sunday mornings, to Bible study groups, youth groups, and so on.

And, of course, the simple act of letting people know about my blog is also helpful because it raises awareness and who knows where that might go. So if I’ve written something here that you resonate with, pass it along to others. That’s virtually effortless for you, but could result in a little help for me down the road.

So there you have it. A small request for help, and hopefully not particularly onerous on you. Your small contribution could make it a little easier for us to make ends meet.

Much appreciated. Thanks.