Interesting stuff 2016-10-17

Here’s what I found interesting this week.

Yet another “human rights” challenge. Participation in Alcoholics Anonymous requires belief in a higher power, and said power looks and sounds a whole lot like the God of the Bible. So some Atheists are challenging the constitutionality of AA.

Because, like, they could never possibly form their own “higher power free” version of AA and attend that instead. It’s not like they haven’t already made their own secular churches.

Head scratcher.

A man in an apartment took a phone call around 1 in the morning. He paced around his apartment loudly enough, and spoke loudly enough, that the tenants (a man and his wife) in the apartment directly beneath him were kept awake. So they contacted the building manager and wrote the late-night talker a modestly grumpy letter.

What a couple of racists!

Racists? You might ask. What does this have to do with race?

According to the man who took the call at 1 am it’s all about race because he’s black and almost everybody else in the apartment (including the complaining tenants) are not blacks. Never mind the fact (per the article) that the tenants who wrote the letter didn’t actually know he was black!

Doesn’t matter, it’s still racism.

Could the letter have been written more diplomatically? Yes. Could the entire situation have been dealt with more “neighbourly?” Of course. But I’ve read and reread the letter several times and I cannot find even a strand of anything that hints at racism in the letter. It’s just a grumpy letter, written in the middle of the night, from one tenant to another in an apartment.

How race relations miraculously got injected into the situation is another real head scratcher.

[And if you are in the mood for yet another head scratcher, read the black guy’s response letter and ask yourself if that isn’t a textbook example of taking what should have been a fairly minor misunderstanding between neighbours and deliberately escalating it as high and as wide and as fast as is humanly possible.]

Christianity today has denounced Trump. That magazine is considered one of the key voices of Evangelicals.

It had been noted much earlier in the campaign that Evangelicals aren’t exactly Trumps biggest supporters, despite a few high profile names who have endorsed him. In fact, Evangelicals appeared, by and large, to vote against him whenever they had the chance, during the primaries.

Just letting you know, in case you didn’t already…

Quantum Physics and Christianity

The title of this talk at Ambrose University sounds cool, but I’m out of town that evening. Hopefully some of you can attend and let me know about it.

An American Carol

The full movie is on YouTube at the link. What a guilty pleasure. A group of right-leaning actors decided to put together a movie that explicitly pokes fun at the political left. It was pretty amusing, lighthearted, entertainment, though it would probably be blood boiling if you leaned to the political left.