Interesting stuff – 2016-09-26

Here’s what I found interesting this week.

There’s that word “discrimination” again, this time about pay television. Some observations from what I have previously written:

I think it’s safe to say that Western Civilization is, for the most part, hyper-sexualized. It’s everywhere and you cannot escape it. Needless to say such an overemphasis on sexuality is not healthy, but neither is negligence of sexuality. Japan is dealing with that problem right now.

Don’t forget, people; sex produces kids. And offspring are kind of important for the continuation of the species.

Speaking of being disinterested in sex, “asexuality” is the next thing to be added to our burgeoning list of sexual “tastes.” That some people would lack sexual attractions probably isn’t that outlandish to imagine, but to pretend that is “on par” with those who do experience sexual attraction is a little strange. After all, humans need sexuality in order for the species to survive. Therefore, heterosexual attraction is, in fact, the “normal” thing for any sexually reproducing species to experience. That doesn’t mean people lacking that are bad people simply because they lack sexual attraction, but it does, by definition, make them unusual humans.

But, hey, at least they aren’t Engineers. Now THOSE are some strange people. 🙂

Freedom of conscience is one of the pillars of any truly free society, but there are those who are actively proposing that doctors no longer be allowed to exercise their own freedom of conscience. Good luck getting that passed, and if you do…

God help us all.