Divisive, social justice, economy – ngrams

Along the lines of all the investigation I’ve done lately with respect to use of the word “divisive” today I look at some other interesting correlations. There may be some causal connections, but whether there are or not, I think these are interesting nonetheless.

Here’s the usual intro to Google’s ngram viewer tool if this is new to you.

Without further delay, today’s ngram chart:


I can conceptually see that there might be some kind of causal connection between “divisive” and “social justice” because, in my experience, those who are most passionate about “social justice” issues (whatever that means) also tend to be the quickest to throw out the accusation of divisiveness.

Economy, though, isn’t as obvious. The only connection I can think of is the fact that those who are most concerned with “social justice” issues also tend to see economic solutions as the most appropriate to remedy the situation. There is often a desire for Big Government to throw money at the problem.

Anyway, read into it what you will, or don’t read anything into it. I still found it interesting how these phrases changed over time.