RazerLift developments

I’ve mentioned previously that I am working on an invention called the RazerLift. We’ve had some interesting developments lately, and one of those developments includes a way that folks like you could help us get this to market, and therefore help improve the ergonomics of “gear hauling.”

I’m kind of excited about this… we are going to crowdfund the RazerLift.

Starting Wednesday the RazerLift fundraising campaign will be live at the IndieGoGo website. Here’s the link (it goes live on Wednesday).


If I could be so bold, I would really appreciate your help on this. Financial contributions are obviously a big help, but spreading the word is just as important. Who are the mountain bikers in your life? Who are the trades people? Kayakers? Let them know about this, especially if they live in Southern Alberta. We’re here to make life easier for everybody.

And, of course, social media is a great way to let people know too. I don’t have much love for Facebook, but it does have its occasional uses. I just plug my nose, and…

Another great way to raise awareness is by getting your story in the newspaper. Hey, isn’t that wonderful, we did just that! Driving.ca wrote up a story about the RazerLift and it was also in the Calgary Herald on page DR2 back on March 25.

I also made a new promo video. I hope it doesn’t look too much like an infommercial. We plan to have something more professional made in the near future, once we get a little cash to pay for things like that.

This is all very much a strange world for me, but I’m excited to explore it (with the input of some excellent advisers, I might add) and get the RazerLift into the hands of people who could really benefit from it. I may not be curing cancer, but in my small way I hope to make the world a better place for people. To help families head out to the mountains more easily. To help kayakers reduce their risk of injury when they load up their craft after a day on the water. To keep tradespeople off WCB by improving worker safety associated with ladders.

And I’d really appreciate your help in making that happen. Awareness is everything.