Do you want to be strengthened or coddled?

I recently enjoyed a most remarkable video. This video is about post-secondary institutions, but the message clearly applies to society at large, including the public education system. And it is rather timely; the entire LGBTQ+ issue (among others) appears in a very different light after watching the video.

Be warned; if you are politically progressive and you don’t like having your ideas challenged, this video will offend you.

If you aren’t progressive, or if you don’t mind having your views challenged, the video can be found at this link. Here are a few of my own observations.

  • My book on suffering will be ready in a couple of weeks (stay tuned). The primary theme of my book is that suffering is actually essential to becoming fully human. He covers this very subject, though with a different focus. Pay attention to his observation that children are “anti-fragile.”
  • As I suggested above, the insights in this video are by no means limited to universities. After watching the video, take another read through the NDP guidelines for transgender students and consider whether the document is more likely to have been written by faculty at “Strengthen U” or “Coddle U.”
  • A lot of what he talks about overlaps nicely with my book, Arguing with Friends. If you are ready to drop out of “Coddle U” and start attending “Strengthen U” then maybe that book would be a good read for you.
  • The great irony in the video, and I agree with it, is that we actually do people a disservice when we work too hard to protect them. It’s refreshing to have somebody so clearly describe the fact that a life devoid of fear and misery is not necessarily the “good life” after all.



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