Theology of Work

As I move into the world of starting my own business and all that entails, one of the things that paralyzed me early on (and why I was deeply resistant to the very idea) was my total inability to even begin to comprehend how my Faith could possibly be reconciled with my impending corporate life. I don’t remember any discussions at any church I’ve ever attended on the topic of “faith in the real world,” but I may not have been paying attention (or my memory isn’t all that great).

Tim Keller, it turns out, experienced exactly the same challenge and was equally stumped as he explains in the following video.

For those who want to better understand how Faith matters to business – indeed business is likely to function a whole lot better when operated in accordance with religious principles, and understood within a religious paradigm – then you can do much worse than poking around at the Theology of Work website. The site was first put together by Andy Mills, former CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. And, as he describes it in some podcasts on the website, when he allowed his business philosophy and practices to be meaningfully and substantially informed by his new-found faith the results were demonstrably, quantifiably, beneficial to the flourishing of his company.