Blogging – I’m at it again

So it seems I am about to enter the world of blogging again. I used to blog at, but I stepped away from that. I also did some blogging at the website for my first book, Arguing with Friends. But I found that I didn’t have frequent enough reflections along those specific subject lines to justify maintaining the blog.

This should motive two questions in the reader; why am I writing, and why should anybody read?

Why am I writing again?

Why start again? Well, the subjects for this blog are going to be quite diverse; basically whatever I find interesting or whatever I happen to be wrestling through. The fact that I’m not going to limit myself to any specific subject means I’m more likely to find subjects worth contemplating on a frequent enough basis to justify taking up blogging again. And I also intend to frequently link to websites / pages that I find interesting while adding minimal comment. It’s a lot easier to keep up the momentum that way.

What kind of stuff interests me? Broadly speaking I am intrigued by the intersection of abstract, universal, objective reality with concrete, relative, subjective application. So what does that mean? Here are some examples (though others could be added).

  • Do we have reason (in the concrete world) to believe the (abstract) worldview that is articulated by the Christian religion?
  • When we discuss matters of (objective) truth with our (subjective) friends, how do we do so in a way that builds up our friendships instead of tearing them down?
  • How are the (universal) realities of human nature best applied to the (relative) field of government? Business? Religion? Family?
  • What does the (abstract concept of the) good life look like (concretely) for me, in my life? For you?

You’ll notice that many of these subjects overlap my previous written work, as well as some of my upcoming projects. These questions keep confronting me, and new ones have arisen now that I am in the process of starting a business based on my invention, the RazerLift.

And since I process life through writing, it only makes sense that I would find some literary means of wrestling with these questions. If these reflections interest you then join me on this journey of reflection.

Why should anybody read?

Well, I guess the short answer is that if you find my reflections informative or useful, then you should read them. If you don’t, then don’t read them. Some of my life experiences have diverged from the typical middle-class status quo, and those experiences have given me a bit of a different perspective on things. Some of these experiences include my wife almost dying (inspiring my forthcoming book on suffering) and me starting a business (inspiring my forthcoming book on success). Not everybody has experienced these things.

Furthermore, my personality (Myers-Briggs INTX) is, shall we say, not exactly common place. Within my very nature I see things differently than most people do. This doesn’t make me “special,” genius or anything like that, but it does lead me to process the world from a perspective that is quite likely not the perspective the average internet-surfing reader holds to as a default position.

Thus, perhaps, through my blogging you may find a refreshing new way of understanding old paradigms.

  • Perhaps suffering is something without which we cannot thrive.
  • Maybe money isn’t the greatest evil in the world. Nor is it the greatest good.
  • Perhaps Christianity isn’t “all about” our relationship with Jesus.
  • Maybe Faith isn’t antithetic to Reason, but Reason always, necessarily, has Faith as its starting point.
  • Perhaps those evil, greedy, corporations do more to alleviate poverty by there mere existence than all the charities in the world combined could ever dream of.
  • Could it be that the harder government tries to “fix” things the worse things get? Maybe the politicians with the largest, grandest and most compassionate visions are the ones we should be most concerned about?

If you like having your perspectives broadened, then you may wish to stick around. But if this is all old hat to you, or if you would prefer to keep your current perspectives unchallenged, then you probably won’t want to stick around. That’s not a problem for me. No offense. Good day.

For those who chose to stick around, welcome. Let’s think!